Associate Professor of Astrophysics

Royal Society Research Fellow


I am an associate professor of astrophysics in the Department of Physics & Astronomy at University College London (UCL). My research is currently funded by the Royal Society through a University Research Fellowship.

Galaxy formation and evolution

My research programme is centered around the question of what regulates the growth and evolution of galaxies. In particular, I use radio telescope to make a census of the cold gas contents of large sample of galaxies; understanding when, where and how galaxies efficiently form stars out of gas is key in identifying the mechanism driving their evolution.

Recent highlights

Publication highlights

01.10.2019 In a recent JINGLE paper led by PhD student Isabella Lamperti, we show the power of hierarchical Bayesian methods in fitting the far-infrared SED of galaxies, allowing us to uncover systematic trends in dust properties across the galaxy population.

JINGLE data release

10.09.2018 JINGLE is a legacy survey at the JCMT, targeing dust and gas across the local galaxy population. The strategy, goals, and sample of the survey are described in Saintonge et al. (2018), which also includes the public data release of our value-added UV-to-FIR photometric catalog. The data products are available through the JINGLE website

Final xCOLD GASS data release

11.10.2017 xCOLD GASS is the reference molecular gas survey in the local Universe for the purpose of galaxy evolution studies, with 532 galaxies observed with the IRAM30m telescope. All the survey data products are available for download, with the data release presented in full in Saintonge et al. (2017). This latest data release expands the original COLD GASS survey into the regime of low mass galaxies.