xCOLD GASS: an IRAM legacy survey

Science with xCOLD GASS

CO(1-0) in 532 mass-selected galaxies

xCOLD GASS provides a uniquely complete view of the molecular gas contents of galaxies in the local Universe: the sample of 532 SDSS-selected galaxies probes the entire SFR-mass plane with M>109 M

The data show how the molecular gas mass fraction (fh2=MH2/M) varies as a function of specific star formation rate, and how it naturally explains the shape and position of the star-formation main sequence.

Because of the homogeneous data products and large, complete sample, xCOLD GASS is also the perfect reference sample for models and simulations, and for observational studies of specific galaxy samples.

For more details about xCOLD GASS science, see our publications.