IGAPS, merging the IPHAS and UVEX surveys, has a 1850 deg2 footprint that captures the northern Milky Way. Galactic latitudes |b| < 5° and longitudes l = 30-215° are covered in 5 filters: broad-band i, r, g, u and narrow-band Hα.

This includes almost all pipeline-processed images from the IPHAS and UVEX observing campaigns on the Isaac Newton Telescope. For a full description of the database contents, see Greimel et al (2021).

The database access point is here.

The IGAPS point source catalogue is described in Monguio et al (2020), and can be accessed via cone searches directed through Vizier. We also make it available on a page here, formatted into a series of fits files, most of them covering sky areas of 5x5 sq.deg each. This page also provides advice on getting the best out of the catalogue.

Higher-level data products available are listed below. The first three are arise from the previous IPHAS-only release (see Barentsen et al 2014).

Extinction map igapsimages.org/extinction A 3D map of interstellar dust extinction derived from IPHAS DR2.
Star counts igapsimages.org/star-counts Completeness-corrected star counts from IPHAS DR2 r and i band data.
S147 Hα mosaic igapsimages.org/data/S147_mosaic.fits Full resolution background-corrected Hα mosaic of Shajn 147 (199MB)
WEAVE ISM candidates igapsimages.org/hagrid HaGrid list of potential WEAVE diffuse-ISM target positions (58MB, Greimel et al 2021)

Publications making use of IGAPS data should cite and acknowledge, as appropriate, the merged surveys and/or their data products, as follows: The primary references defining IPHAS and UVEX respectively are: Drew et al 2005 [bibtex], and Groot et al 2009 [bibtex]. The IGAPS catalogue is presented by Monguio et al 2020 [bibtex], while the image database is presented by Greimel et al 2021.

As appropriate, some or all of the following text can be included in the acknowledgement sections of citing papers:

This paper makes use of data obtained as part of the IGAPS merger of the IPHAS and UVEX surveys (www.igapsimages.org) carried out at the Isaac Newton Telescope (INT). The INT is operated on the island of La Palma by the Isaac Newton Group in the Spanish Observatorio del Roque de los Muchachos of the Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias. All IGAPS data were processed by the Cambridge Astronomical Survey Unit, at the Institute of Astronomy in Cambridge. The uniformly-calibrated bandmerged IGAPS catalogue was assembled using the high performance computing cluster via the Centre for Astrophysics Research, University of Hertfordshire.