The current version of the MKBL Compiler is J2.2

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Concept: Kaj Wik Siebert
Serena Viti
JAVA & X Programming:
Graphics and Page Design:
Kaj Wik Siebert
C++ Kernel Programming:
Matthew Pontefract

Matthew has made an example MKBL file (now converted into a new format file). Here is what the output of the MK Compiler looks like.


The idea behind MKBL was spawned when Kaj observed the trouble that our good Italian friend Serena was getting into with her card file bibliography. He was stupid enough to tell Matthew, who stole the whole idea, and had already coded it by the time Kaj got back from the CCP7 workshop in Glasgow. Unfortunately/Fortunately it was a very good work, and Kaj was quite happy with it (it also saved him all the tedious work of figuring out how to do the cross-indexing etc). Thus a new era in postgraduate book keeping was born..

Version J2
Completely new code, now written in Java. Output looks completely different, with extensive use of JavaScript to do ADS & comments, which now support HTML commands (you can include tables, images and hrefs - bold, flashing, colour - it's all there!). Uses new-format MKBL files which allows for long title names and lots of extra features:

Still being developed. Please keep an eye on this page for progress reports.

Version 2
Completely re-written user interface. For help on how to use it, go to the MKC Help page.

Version 1.13
Supports new /comment tag in .mkbl file, and displays JAVA comment boxes.

Version 1.12
Now creates a <filename>.tex file containing the references in standard biblographical format for inclusion in latex papers.

Version 1.11
Generates automatic ADS (Astrophysics Data System) searches. Just click on the ADS icon and see what you find!

Version 1.1
Now with improved page layout, and brand new graphics! This version is a MUST for anyone with lots of references to keep track of. Get yours today!

Version BETA 1.0
The first released version of the MKBL compiler (MKC). It read the standard MKBL format file and created a very simple but highly effective HTML file that made data retrieval very easy.

MKBL Format

The format of an old-style (hand editable) MKBL (Matt 'n' Kaj's Bibliographic Language) file is as follows:
#           Any line beginning with this character is

\journals   This signifies a block containing journal
            abreviations used later in the script. A 
            typical entry may be:

            apj:Astrophysical Journal

            The \journals block must be terminated with
            a \end

\authors    Similar to above, but containing author
            abreviations for commonly used authors. 
            Full names must be SURNAME INITIALS with 
            no punctuation, eg:

            kws:Siebert K

            The \authors block must be terminated with
            a \end. When referred to, both author and 
            journal abreviations must be prefixed by a 
            '.' character to differentiate it from non
            coded abreviations.

\bib        Marks the beginning of the main bibliographic 
            block. Though \authors and \journals blocks 
            may come in any order, this must come after 
            both for obvious reasons. Terminate with a 

\comment    Marks the beginning of a comment block. Comment blocks
            must follow immediately after the page field of a reference.
            Comment blocks can be a maximum of 10 lines long, and must 
            terminate with a \end.

\item       Marks   the  start   of  a  new  item  in  a 
            bibliographic block. DO NOT TERMINATE WITH A 
            \end... Example entry as follows:

            THE PAPER TITLE  <--- Should be obvious!
            .mp:.kws:Duck D  <--- Authors list, colon delimeted
            1996             <--- Year
            .aa              <--- Journal code or full name
            123              <--- Volume
            456              <--- Page
            \comment         <--- Optional comment block
            :                <--- maximum 10 lines long
            \end             <--- Comment block must have a \end
            \item            <--- NEW ENTRY
            \end             <--- End of bibliography

Use of MKC

To execute the compiler, create a <name>.mkbl bibliographic file, then type:
        mkc [-c] [-o] [name]
This will create an html file called <name>.html
-c Compile. This will not open the window, but just compile the file and write the new html file.
-o Indicates that the file you want to load is an old MKBL format file.

To view the bibliography, open the file <name>.html within Netscape using the Open File command. This may be bookmarked for easy future reference and providing that you don't move the files or change the name, this will always be valid no matter how often you add to the database and recompile.

Kaj Wik Siebert and Matthew Pontefract © 1996, 1997