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  • The Nazareth Resource Library James Aitkins, apologist and staff member at Catholic Answers has produced this incredible resource library which includes a hyperlinked collection of five historic catechisms, Questions and answer section, numerous apologetic files and much, much more.

  • Catholic Apologetics on the Internet Large selection of apologetics articles culled from various sources, including the Catholic Encylopedia and Catholic Answers. Part of the Et Cum Spiritu Tuo website.

  • Catholic Exchange This is what the World Wide Web could have been if only it was run by orthodox Catholics! An excellent supersite with free bible studies, news from the catholic perspective, comments, views, analyses and links to every major orthodox catholic web-site. Check it out and make it your homepage.
  • St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology Learn to read the Bible from the Heart of the Church. This important new site from Scott Hahn and his crew should be amongst the favourites list of all orthodox catholics wanting to learn more about their faith. An incredible library of links, documents, apologetics materials, bible and patristic studies which place the scriptures in their liturgical context with which to better understand them.
  • New Advent Catholic Supersite What can I say? Aptly named, this is a Catholic apologists dream supersite!!! Houses the Catholic Encylopedia, the Summa Theologica, a vast collection of Early Church Fathers and much more.

  • Catholic Answers Home Page Readers of "This Rock" and "Catholicism and Fundamentalism" need no introduction to Karl Keating, president of Catholic Answers. This site expands Catholic Answers apostolate into Cyberspace. If you don't really understand your faith and your enthusiasm has waned, or are having trouble explaining to your protestant friends why its great to be Catholic, this is the site for you. Catholic Answers have tracts and articles which will help you understand the fullness of your Catholic Christian faith. Make this your first port of call....Now you can also listen into Catholic Answers live on EWTN from this site!!!

  • Pillar of Fire, Pillar of Truth This small booklet, published by Catholic Answers, gives a clear and concise explanation of the Catholic Christian faith.

  • Catholic Biblical Apologetics A Biblical explanation of Catholic doctrine, from Drs. Schihl and Flanagan. Excellent resource.

  • Experts Forums Ask the experts at EWTN on matters of the faith. Topics include, scripture, apologetics, history, liturgy, doctrine, etc. If you have any queries concerning the Catholic Faith, this is where you'll find the answers.

  • Envoy Magazine Patrick Madrid's online version of his excellent apologetics and evangelisation magazine.

  • Hands On Apologetics Magazine Gary Michuta provides an online taster of this excellent apologetics and evangelisation magazine which provides practical tips on presenting the truths that make up our faith.

  • Trinity Communications Dr. Jeff Mirius' excellent site is the world’s first web search engine designed specifically to find and evaluate every Catholic website throughout the world. Also houses a number of databases including the MOST Database - a collection of theological works from Fr. William G, Most.

  • Biblical Evidence for Catholicism Dave Armstrong's Apologetics site. If you want some in-depth apologetics articles soaked in scripture, this is the place for you!

  • Scriptural Catholicism Steven Kellmeye has provided a concordance which indexes Scriptural references which have historically been used in the defense of Church teaching. Excellent resource.

  • The Defenders of the Catholic Faith Steve Ray, author of "Crossing the Tiber" offers this site, which includes some of his writings, bible studies and much more.

  • Jews for Jesus OK. So this isn't a Catholic site. Instead this comes from some of our older brethren in faith. Jews for Jesus tend to come across more from the evangelical christian point of view so you have to sift through some of this stuff. But this site is especially useful in that it answers questions Jewish people most commonly ask about Jesus. Useful if you are in dialogue with Jewish friends (some arguments useful for muslims).

  • Answering Islam

    For those of you in dialogue with Muslims, this site offers some useful resources. Again like the Jews-for-Jesus Website, it's position is evangelical Christian, so you have to sift some of this material. However, its very useful for helping you to demonstrate the validity of the Bible, the Divinity of Christ and how to evangelise Muslims.

  • Questions for Jehovah's Witnesses

    Having problems dealing with JWs? Not after you visit this site. Written from a Catholic perspective. Very useful

  • Corunum Catholic Apologetic Web Page Joe Gallegos site offes a defence of the Catholic postion through the use of Patristics. See what the early Church Fathers taught about Christianity.

  • The Beggar King Homepage: Catholic Apologetics

    Patrology, articles, scriptural explanation of the mass. You have to visit this great site!

  • CPATS Homepage The Christifideles Pizza and Theology Society. These guys combine two of my all-time favourites. Italian food and Defending the Lord and His Church. Check them out!

  • Frank's Pillar of Truth Homepage Site of some truly awesome apologetics.

  • Apologetics Home Page Apologetics from the unofficial Legion of Mary Homepage.

  • The Catholic Pages Front Page The McLachlan Family from Australia provide a fine selection of apologetic material.

  • The Catholic Start Page Also from the McLachlan Family a superb Catholic web-resource. You have to check this out.

  • The Catholic Truth Newspaper An on-line edition of this newspaper published by the Fairfax curia of the Legion of Mary, includes numerous conversion accounts.

  • The Augustine Club An archive of essays, lectures and articles defending the fullness of Truth found in the Catholic church.

  • Countering Contradictions

  • Una Fides Numerous apologetic articles and references. Very orthodox

  • Catholic Apologetics Network These guys are lay catholics, loyal to Christ though the magisterium. Superb articles and links to many more excellent sites. Definitely one to be bookmarked. Email them with any question you may have on the faith.

  • The Catholic Treasure Chest

  • Young Catholic Apologists More apologtics resoures from Florida.

  • Minerva's Message Board Visit this forum for the discussion of the Catholic faith. If you've done your homework, help answer questions about the faith from Catholics and non-Catholics curious about what the Church really teaches.

  • The Apostolate for Catholic TruthAnother fine apologetics web-site, this time from Singapore.

Now lets see what the opposition are saying about us....

The following links are included as examples of anti-Catholic web-sites which are also springing up.

Please visit these sights...

See what they are saying. Then learn the truths about Catholicism from the links above and learn to answer these accusations. To summarise the advice given in Catholic Answers excellent introductory booklet on the Catholic Church, 'Pillar of Fire, Pillar of Truth'..

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