We present a new grid of ionizing fluxes for O and Wolf-Rayet stars for use with evolutionary synthesis codes and single star H II region analyses. A total of 230 expanding, non-LTE, line-blanketed model atmospheres have been calculated for five metallicities (0.05, 0.2, 0.4, 1 and 2x solar) and are available to download below. The details of these new model grids are presented in Smith, Norris and Crowther, 2002 MNRAS (Vol 337, p 1039-1328), available HERE. Tables 1-4, containing the stellar parameters, are available HERE in electronic form.

The model atmospheres have been calculated using the WM-basic code of Pauldrach et al. (2001, A&A, 375, 161) and the CMFGEN code of Hillier & Miller (1998, ApJ, 496, 407).

There are two versions of the model atmospheres that can be downloaded:

(1) The original grid of non-LTE models, rebinned to a maximum number of 1220 data points, for use with the evolutionary synthesis code Starburst99. Please click HERE to access these models and the Starburst99 source code.

(2) A new high resolution WM-basic grid computed by Barbara Moont (UCL) which uses the same input parameters as the original models. Please click HERE to download the model atmopsheres and to view plots of the synthetic spectra. These pages also list the input parameters (including force multipliers) and Q values. Please note: these Q values are more accurate than the ones presented in Smith, Norris & Crowther (2002) which were computed from the low resolution, binned data.

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