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2 Sep 2006 A minor update just to remove some of the scripts I had been linking to that suddenly had started popping up nasty advertising on the page. Sorry about that everyone. Also, just to satisfy Ian: I still only have one head, and it still has hair on it.
24 Oct 2005 By popular (?) demand here's a quick update on what I'm doing now: I'm currently working for a city startup (how long can one justify calling it a startup?) called Columba Systems. I'm working with Chris and the office is just accross the road from Tammay and Richard.
Some time ago now, I did a Ph.D. with the Hot-Star Group at University College London. My main research interest is in the field of photospheric abundances in O stars, but my work to date has also included a study of rotational velocities of O and B stars. A CD version of my thesis is available upon request.
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'Star Trek Discovery' Boldly Makes TV Debut on Sunday
After a 12-year gap between television series, "Star Trek" is finally coming back to a network television service.
6 'Star Trek' Captains, Ranked from Worst to Best
The main "Star Trek" captains have so many diverse personalities, but does its best to rank everybody.
Solar Eclipses: When Is the Next One?
Solar eclipses are one of nature?s grandest events. What is a solar eclipse? Why are there different kinds of solar eclipses? How do they work? And when is the next one? We explain.
Hurricane Maria Damages Parts of Puerto Rico's Arecibo Observatory
Puerto Rico's Arecibo Observatory has sustained some significant damage from Hurricane Maria, officials reported Friday (Sept. 22).
In Photos: Hurricane Maria Seen from Space
Hurricane Maria peaked as a massive Category 5 storm as it rolled across the Caribbean in September 2017. See photos of Hurricane Maria from space by satellites in our gallery here.
NASA Spacecraft Buzzes Earth on Way to Distant Asteroid Bennu
The OSIRIS-REx probe zoomed past our planet this afternoon (Sept. 22), a little over a year after launching on a mission to the big near-Earth asteroid Bennu.
Space Calendar 2017: Launches, Sky Events & More
Here's a guide to the major astronomical events of the next year, as well as space launches and milestones for spacecrafts already in travel.
Watch Live @ 1 pm ET: NASA Dedicates New Facility to Katherine Johnson
On Friday (Sept. 22), NASA's Langley Research Center will officially open its new Katherine G. Johnson Computational Research Facility. Watch the official ribbon-cutting ceremony live at, starting at 1 p.m. EDT (1700 GMT).
Image of the Day
Citizen scientist Gerald Eichstädt processed data from NASA's Juno spacecraft to create this picture of a sliver of Jupiter. The view focuses on features in Jupiter's dark band that are nicknamed "Whale's Tail" and "Dan's Spot."
Hurricane Maria: See the Latest Videos from Space
NOAA satellites and International Space Station cameras have been capturing imagery of the storm since it was developing in the Atlantic Ocean.
Celebrate the Autumn Equinox 2017 with Jupiter, Moon Conjunction
While residents of the northern half of the Earth prepare for shorter days and colder weather ? the first day of fall is Friday (Sept. 22) ? there is a sky spectacle to enjoy.
The 15 Best Ships on Star Trek, from V-ger to the Vengeance
We love the ships in "Star Trek," not only because they travel fast or because they are often used outside of their design parameters, but also because they challenge the ideas of design in general. Here are 15 of the most memorable vessels.
Nanosatellite Beams Smartphone Voice Call for First Time
For the first time, a voice call has been made via a nanosatellite using a regular smartphone.
Look Up and Wave! OSIRIS-REx Asteroid Probe Flies by Earth Today
A NASA spacecraft will zoom past Earth today (Sept. 22) on its way toward a distant asteroid, and you can give the probe a proper send-off.
Sean Penn to Star in Hulu's Mars Space Drama 'The First'
Move over, Matt Damon ? it's time for a new name-brand Hollywood actor to take the stage during a fictional Mars mission. Sean Penn, a two-time Academy Award winner, will star in the Hulu original drama series "The First."
Plate Tectonics May Have Begun a Billion Years After Earth's Birth
The differentiation of oceanic and continental crust could date back 3.5 billion years.
How Gravity Assists Work: Asteroid Probe's 'Interplanetary Billiards' Flyby Explained
After already traveling millions of miles into space, a NASA asteroid probe will soon return to Earth to take advantage of the planet's gravity.
Arecibo Observatory Remains Offline After Being Buffeted by Hurricane Maria
The Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico remained offline today (Sept. 21) after Hurricane Maria battered the island on Wednesday (Sept. 20), leaving a trail of destruction that included a total loss of power.
Comet's 2014 Mars Flyby Caused Most Intense Meteor Shower Ever Recorded
The annual Perseid meteor shower may be great, but it's got nothing on the brief sky show that Comet Siding Spring gave Mars in October 2014.
Astronaut's Dramatic Photos Show Hurricane Maria Raging Over Puerto Rico
While Hurricane Maria slammed Puerto Rico with pounding rainfall and dangerously strong winds yesterday (Sept. 20), astronauts at the International Space Station experienced the storm from a far more serene location roughly 250 miles above Earth.
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