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2 Sep 2006 A minor update just to remove some of the scripts I had been linking to that suddenly had started popping up nasty advertising on the page. Sorry about that everyone. Also, just to satisfy Ian: I still only have one head, and it still has hair on it.
24 Oct 2005 By popular (?) demand here's a quick update on what I'm doing now: I'm currently working for a city startup (how long can one justify calling it a startup?) called Columba Systems. I'm working with Chris and the office is just accross the road from Tammay and Richard.
Some time ago now, I did a Ph.D. with the Hot-Star Group at University College London. My main research interest is in the field of photospheric abundances in O stars, but my work to date has also included a study of rotational velocities of O and B stars. A CD version of my thesis is available upon request.
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BBC News - Science & Environment
'Loud wakeup call' over rare dolphin
The smallest and rarest marine dolphin in the world could be extinct within 15 years if protection is not stepped up, according to research.
Solar Impulse awaits 'moment of truth'
In what will be its greatest challenge yet, the zero-fuel aeroplane Solar Impulse will soon try to fly non-stop from China to Hawaii - a journey of more than 8,000km across the Pacific Ocean.
IS threat to rare bird near Palmyra
Islamic State's capture of Palmyra in Syria threatens the last surviving colony of the northern bald ibis in the Middle East, experts says.
The great 'Mars bake-off' begins
Jonathan Amos gets a first peek inside the UK aerospace laboratory where Europe's ExoMars rover will be assembled.
'Beautiful Mind' mathematician killed
Renowned mathematician John Nash, subject of the film A Beautiful Mind, dies in a New Jersey taxi crash with his wife.
Trust backs beaver reintroduction
Beavers should be resident in Scotland says the National Trust as it announces its support for reintroduction projects.
Spiders strum on leaves for love
Purring spiders use leaves as microphones and speakers to transmit their purring courtship song to a female, scientists find.
Ocean's 'tiniest organisms' revealed
Thousands of species of the ocean's tiniest organisms are revealed in a series of studies.
Antarctic in 'dramatic' ice loss
Satellites have recorded a big sudden change in the behaviour of glaciers on the Antarctica Peninsula, according to a UK-based team.
Ancient parasite 'frozen in time'
Researchers discover the 425-million-year-old remains of a new species of parasite - still clamped to the host animal it invaded.
DNA hints at earlier dog evolution
Swedish researchers say that dogs may have been domesticated much earlier than some studies suggest.
LHC smashes collision energy record
The Large Hadron Collider is smashing protons at the highest energy ever attempted - but they are only test collisions, as the LHC continues to gear up its second run.
Bronze Age Danish girl 'German-born'
New research reveals that a girl buried 3,400 years ago in Denmark who became one of the country's best-known Bronze Age relics was probably born in Germany.
'Home-brewed morphine' made possible
Scientists have figured out how to brew morphine using the same kit used to make beer at home.
Oldest tools pre-date first humans
Stones tools that are 3.3 million years old have been unearthed pre-dating the earliest-known humans in the Homo genus.
Ramakrishnan to lead Royal Society
Nobel-winning structural biologist Venki Ramakrishnan is elected to become the next president of the Royal Society.
Tiger-tagging app to boost tracking
A new iPad app is asking users to "tag" tigers in images gathered from the internet, to help researchers with counting and tracking the animals.
Europe drops asteroid sampling idea
Europe will not be mounting a sample-return mission to an asteroid, having rejected the MarcoPolo concept at the third time of asking.
Ministers challenged over CO2 cuts
The UK government?s claim that the country leads the world in cuts of carbon emissions is challenged by researchers at Leeds University.
Huge marine reserve for Pitcairn
The UK government is to establish the largest marine reserve in the world around the Pitcairn Islands in the Pacific.
Mercury pollution risk to Arctic gull
Mercury pollution has risen nearly 50-fold in the feathers of a gull that feeds and breeds in the Arctic, say scientists.
Tidal lagoon 'negotiations open'
Negotiations are opening on a 1bn tidal lagoon scheme in Swansea as the chancellor gives his Budget speech in the House of Commons.
VIDEO: Solar plane pilot: 'Risk too big'
The planned flight of the sun powered plane, Solar Impulse 2, has been postponed.
VIDEO: How an ancient parasite was frozen in time
Professor David Siveter from the University of Leicester explains how a 425 million year-old parasite was frozen in time at a site in Herefordshire.
VIDEO: Dog evolution 'earlier than thought'
Dogs may have been domesticated much earlier than previously though, Swedish researchers suggest.
VIDEO: Inuit challenge to EU seal ban
The Inuit people of Greenland are challenging an EU ban on seal hunting and the trade in seal meat and skins, arguing it has "crashed" the Inuits' economy.
VIDEO: New ways to grow food in space
A project will see thousands of schoolchildren experiment on seeds that have spent six months on the International Space Station.
VIDEO: Saving North Yorkshire's Tansy beetle
A breeding programme is being set up for the rare Tansy beetle, which is threatened with extinction.
VIDEO: Will your favourite beach fail new test?
Dozens of British beaches and lakes are at risk of failing to meet tougher European water quality standards this summer.
VIDEO: Wheelchair user to cross Pennine Trail
Roy Taylor will cross 68 miles of the Trans Pennine Trail in his wheelchair to help raise money to "get rid of obstacles" to give the disabled greater access to the countryside.
Can California learn to live with drought?
Can California learn to live with drought?
Saving coffee from extinction
Breeding a new plant to save coffee from extinction
The element that made the 20th Century shine
The element that made the modern era gleam
Romania acts to save forests from saw
Romania gripped by tensions over illegal logging
The miracle of the 20-week strawberry season
The UK strawberry industry is expected to smash its sales record this year by 50m.
'Cyber-archaeology' salvages lost Iraqi art
Cyber-archaeology is salvaging artworks destroyed by militants
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