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2 Sep 2006 A minor update just to remove some of the scripts I had been linking to that suddenly had started popping up nasty advertising on the page. Sorry about that everyone. Also, just to satisfy Ian: I still only have one head, and it still has hair on it.
24 Oct 2005 By popular (?) demand here's a quick update on what I'm doing now: I'm currently working for a city startup (how long can one justify calling it a startup?) called Columba Systems. I'm working with Chris and the office is just accross the road from Tammay and Richard.
Some time ago now, I did a Ph.D. with the Hot-Star Group at University College London. My main research interest is in the field of photospheric abundances in O stars, but my work to date has also included a study of rotational velocities of O and B stars. A CD version of my thesis is available upon request.
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BBC News - Science & Environment
World class science 'will endure' in UK after Brexit
The UK Science Minister, Jo Johnson, says that world class research will "endure" following the Brexit.
Ancient birds' wings preserved in amber
Two wings from birds that lived alongside the dinosaurs have been found preserved in amber.
Inside Porton Down
Dr Michael Mosley investigates Britain's most secretive and controversial military research base, Porton Down, on its 100th anniversary.
Helium discovery a 'game-changer'
Scientists say they have found a large helium gas field in Tanzania, amid concerns global supplies are running out.
EU referendum: UK science wakes up to new future
UK science must fight to make sure it is not an after-thought as Britain renegotiates its relationship with the EU, say research leaders.
Solar Impulse completes Atlantic crossing with landing in Seville
The zero-fuel aeroplane, Solar Impulse, lands in the southern Spanish city of Seville to complete its historic Atlantic crossing.
Scientists hungry to deliver food system paradigm shift
Eight universities across northern England join forces to form a scientific powerhouse at the launch of a five-year, 16m global food research programme.
Buenos Aires to shut scandal-prone zoo
The mayor of Buenos Aires announces his administration has taken over the running of the city's zoo after a series of scandals.
Rise of border fences hampers wildlife movements
The growth of border fences in Central and Eastern Europe in recent years is a "major threat" to wildlife, according to a new study.
Diesels more polluting below 18C, research suggests
Pollution from many popular diesel cars is much worse when it is colder than 18C outside, new research suggests.
Warmer winters play important role in EU emissions drop
Milder winters have contributed to a significant drop in greenhouse gas emissions across the EU over the past quarter of a century.
Peake: 'I would return to space in a heartbeat'
Tim Peake says he would go back into space "in a heartbeat" after his six-month mission to the space station.
Iceland's fishing industry 'better off outside' EU
Iceland's fishing minister says the country would "never join the European Union" because the industry is thriving outside the bloc.
New crop varieties 'can't keep up with global warming'
Temperatures around the world are rising faster than scientists can develop varieties that can cope with a warmer world, according to a new study.
How early mammals evolved night vision to escape dinos
Night-time vision evolved millions of years ago in early mammals, a study suggests.
China builds world's most powerful computer
The 93 petaflop Sunway TaihuLight in China has topped a newly published list of supercomputers.
UK astronaut Tim Peake returns to Earth
UK astronaut Tim Peake is safely back on Earth after a historic mission to the International Space Station.
Melt ponds suggest no Arctic sea-ice record this year
Arctic sea-ice may have hit a record low in May but that does not mean September will set a new minimum mark, say polar experts at Reading University, UK.
Nasa-style mission needed to map ocean floor
Ocean experts call for international action to generate the kinds of maps of global seabeds that space missions have already returned for the Moon and Mars.
Study unlocks surprising behaviour of soil bacteria
Newly sequenced genomes of soil bacteria have led to questions about how differing land management affects the organisms' behaviour, on agriculture and emissions.
UK-funded ice breaker in 'elite' Arctic tourism row
Criticism is made of the use of a UK-government-funded ice breaker to guide a luxury cruise in the Arctic, as worries grow over the environmental impact of tourists.
Tree planting at 'an all time low'
Official figures released today by the Forestry Commission show that the government is falling far short of its own tree-planting targets
European Space Agency still backing Mars rover project
Member states of the European Space Agency have reaffirmed their commitment to launch a rover to Mars in 2020.
More gravitational waves detected
Scientists announce the detection at Earth of another burst of gravitational waves coming from a black hole merger.
Nasa tests its most powerful booster yet
Nasa has conducted a second round of test on a booster which is designed to send human beings deep into space.
Frog rescue: Last hope for endangered amphibian
How a shipping container became a last sanctuary for one of the world's most endangered amphibians, the mountain chicken frog.
Tim Peake: 'I saw flames outside the window'
British astronaut Tim Peake describes his dramatic journey home to Earth from the International Space Station.
British astronaut Tim Peake's 'incredible experience'
British astronaut Tim Peake has said he is elated to be back on earth after six months onboard the international space station.
Tim Peake: The UK astronaut's best photos and comments
Has Tim Peake got the best photo album on (and off) Earth? As his space mission comes to an end, we compile some of his best shots along with his comments.
Final handshakes in space station
British astronaut Tim Peake has boarded the spacecraft that will return him to Earth following an historic six-month mission to the space station.
Mars crater named after Nepal quake village Langtang
A crater on Mars is named Langtang, in tribute to one of the worst-hit villages during the 2015 Nepal earthquake.
'Last breath'
In June 1997, astronauts on the Russian space station Mir faced disaster after the worst collision in the history of manned space flight.
Project re-ignited
Andy Green says a new source of funding means preparations to run the Bloodhound 1,000mph supersonic car in South Africa next year can resume.
Dead Sea drying
The Dead Sea is one of the great ecological treasures of the world but it is shrinking at an alarming rate, as Kevin Connolly reports.
Zion revisited
US scientists produce their most precise date yet for the colossal landslide that shaped the big red canyon running through what is now Zion National Park.
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