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2 Sep 2006 A minor update just to remove some of the scripts I had been linking to that suddenly had started popping up nasty advertising on the page. Sorry about that everyone. Also, just to satisfy Ian: I still only have one head, and it still has hair on it.
24 Oct 2005 By popular (?) demand here's a quick update on what I'm doing now: I'm currently working for a city startup (how long can one justify calling it a startup?) called Columba Systems. I'm working with Chris and the office is just accross the road from Tammay and Richard.
Some time ago now, I did a Ph.D. with the Hot-Star Group at University College London. My main research interest is in the field of photospheric abundances in O stars, but my work to date has also included a study of rotational velocities of O and B stars. A CD version of my thesis is available upon request.
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BBC News - Technology
Safari users win right to sue
Google loses Court of Appeal bid to stop consumers having right to sue in UK over alleged misuse of privacy settings.
Children on screens six hours a day
Children spend six hours or more a day on screens, according to a study comparing viewing habits now to 20 years ago.
Smart meter 'IT disaster' warning
The government's 11bn scheme to roll out energy saving smart meters could be an "IT disaster", the Institute of Directors warns.
Jury clears Kleiner of gender bias
A jury rules a prestigious venture capital firm did not discriminate against a female employee in a case that highlighted working conditions for women in California's Silicon Valley.
Tinder prank 'tricked flirting men'
After a series of men on Tinder were reportedly tricked into flirting with each other, an expert attacks the app's security.
PayPal fined for illegal payments
PayPal agrees a 5.1m payout over allegations it allowed payments from accounts deemed enemies of the state by the US government.
National videogame centre opens
A national centre dedicated to the art and culture of videogames opens to the public this weekend.
Car slows when it sees speed signs
Ford announces it is to start selling cars that restrict their speed to the limits shown on the road signs they pass.
Who will win the live-streaming video battle?
Tech companies are vying to launch a successful live-streaming video service.
Facebook Messenger lets apps plug in
Facebook opens up its Messenger app to accept posts from other photo, video, audio and Gif-based social networks.
BT returns to mobile phone market
BT announces it is to start selling mobile phone subscriptions again in the UK, 10 years after it pulled out of the market.
Drones: US loss could be UK's gain
As Amazon complains that US regulators are taking too long to issue test permits, countries like the UK could be well placed to profit, says a leading academic
The car claiming to be 'teen proof'
The new Chevrolet lets nervous parents spy on their children's driving in real-time.
Drone used in prison smuggling bid
A drone was used to try to smuggle a package into the grounds of Bedford prison, it has been revealed.
VIDEO: 3D printing 'builds' Sagrada Familia
How 3D printing is helping with the completion of the Sagrada Familia church in Barcelona
VIDEO: Sci-fi game Evolve reviewed
BBC Click's Marc Cieslak reviews the new video game Evolve
VIDEO: Mars rover completes marathon
BBC Click's Spencer Kelly looks at some of the best of the week's technology news
VIDEO: Would you buy a phone made of grass?
BBC News talks to designer Sean Miles of Design Works, who has moulded a phone from recycled parts and natural materials, including grass.
VIDEO: Ghana?s burgeoning tech start-ups
Inside the Ghanaian school for tech start-ups with big ambitions.
VIDEO: Safari users win right to sue Google
Google has lost a Court of Appeal bid to stop consumers having the right to sue in the UK over alleged misuse of privacy settings.
VIDEO: Ford tech 'stops people speeding'
Ford is to sell a car that can read road signs and adjust its speed accordingly to ensure the vehicle is not driving too fast.
VIDEO: Systrom: Instagram's ambitions to grow
Instagram's co-founder, Kevin Systrom, discusses the company's ambitions for photo-sharing service.
VIDEO: Future plans for Facebook Messenger
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has outlined some of the social network's plans for its Messenger app, including opening it up to third parties.
VIDEO: Will homes of the future spy on us?
Cybersecurity expert Marc Goodman warns that the more internet-enabled home gadgets we own, the more ways hackers can spy on us.
Tech to barter your way to the good life
How you can save money and barter your way to the good life
Why are people so mean online?
Why are people so mean online?
Can data help create English football stars?
Can data help create England's next football stars?
Is this the sweetshop of the future?
Is this the sweet shop of the future?
VIDEO: Nurturing tech connections at SXSW
Highlights from 2015's SXSW festival
What are the Designs of the Year?
Is this car the best design of 2015?
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