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(Not updated, and increasingly obsolete, following my retirement, 1/1/2020)


PHAS0020, Practical Astrophysics – 2
PHAS0036, The Physics of Stars

Astronomy Strand: reference syllabi (2014/15 baseline):


Group A postgrads – the unauthorized listing (restricted access)
Departmental PG page (with links for funding support etc.)
Postgraduate Committee ("run by students for students").
Postgraduate expenses (including Sarah Bridle's [very] old notes)

Slides from 2018 introductory talk (pdf)
Astrophysics Wiki, including Careers Pages
Notes for new PhD students.
Words of advice
Postgraduate Interviews
Application form for a"Starlink" account.
Degree information (UCL pages on MPhil transfer, thesis submission, CRS, etc.); and a very handy
    Summary of the PhD examination process (who has to do what, and when).
My own notes on how to submit your thesis
Research Log portal

Careers session, 2014 March 17

Kim Nilsson presentation (213k pdf); Pivigo

Kathy Barrett presentation (610k pdf).
Personal sessions with the UCL Careers service can be booked on-line at http://www.ucl.ac.uk/careers/researchers/phd.

Former responsibilities I still sometimes get asked about:

UCL Observatory
PATT Rolling Grant
PHAS1102: Physics of the Universe. Course no longer delivered.
PHAS2112: Astrophysical Processes, Nebulae to Stars
  I have 'retired' my web pages for this course, and they are no longer maintained. My PHAS0036 may be more useful to you.
Peer Assisted Learning (PALs)
Asteroid Computers
Postgraduate admissions (for those wanting to apply for PhDs) – now administered by Dr Achilleos.


Publications (ADS)
Other papers
A nice 'New & Views' piece on my first Nature paper: 'Polarization due to rotational distortion in the bright star Regulus' (supplementary material).
New Atlas9 Grids*
    Extensive grids of model fluxes and limb-darkening coefficients, together with ODFs
LMC emission-line stars: metacatalogue*
    (Incorporates Bohannan & Epps (1974) identifications)
2dF SMC survey catalogue* (from 2004MNRAS.353..601E)
VLT-FLAMES Tarantula Survey
My ftp site*
*Trouble opening ftp links? In google chrome, open "chrome://flags", locate "Enable support for FTP URLs", and set to "Enabled"


Physics & Astronomy (new-style) letterheads, both LaTeX & MS-Wurd
    (Further info at the UCL corporate identity site)
Science Centre Talk Powerpoint presentation (14Mb) on 'Supernovae' given as part of the UCL Science Centre lectures for schools series.
Explorers of the Universe, an IYA photographic project by Max Alexander.
    (Interviews with Max & idh in Astronomy & Geophysics and in Astronomy Now magazine.)
Royal Astronomical Society
Astronomy Picture of the Day

Agitprop: Support Open Computing

MS Windoze Sins
MS-Word attachments are a BAD THING (especially when easy-to-use, free, open-source tools are available).
Oppose software patents
Find out what "trusted computing" really means (here's another view) – for example, it could be illegal even to look for security holes installed by 'trustworthy' companies on the computer that YOU own with software that YOU spend your good money on.
Why is open source a good thing? One reason (among many) is the serial malpractice of companies like Microsoft, who have fallen foul of antitrust laws in the US, the EU, and Asia
Oh, and let's not forget the numerous class actions brought against them in many US states for (illegally) anticompetitive practices.
Or the fact that they've almost certainly installed spyware on your PC.
The truth behind so-called 'Secure Boot'
Real programmers use emacs


dipso – golden oldie spectrum manipulation/plotting/analysis software. This is my own development version, not the Starlink release (source code).
pgpix – mid-level plotting package (largely authored by Keith Smith, and based on pgplot) offering fine control and good quality output (source code).
vapid – Interstellar profile-fitting routine ('voigt absorption-profile [interstellar] dabbler'). Fortran source, linux i86 executable & documentation (paper)
[Best contact me if you plan to use any of this stuff – there are probably more-recent versions than posted here...]


Academic genealogy
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Roboscope imagery (Telescope Live and UCLO systems)
Orchids; Marsh orchid taxonomy